Cuban passport, obtaining visas, special and work visas and tourist cards.

As information for the traveler, our website,, provides information on passport and visa procedures to travel to Cuba. The requirements for Special Visas, Work Visas, Journalists Visas, business, study or health. In addition, we comment on information of interest about their respective prices.

Citizens of any country can travel to our Island without any impediment, including North American visitors. Excluded from this group are people persecuted by international justice or related to illegal activities: terrorism, drug trafficking or other crimes.

Passport Processing

All travelers need a passport valid for at least 6 months, counting from the date of arrival in our country. We recommend that the visitor confirm this information at the nearest relevant consulate, as the regulations regarding passport and visa procedures change with some regularity. People of Cuban origin with nationality from other countries, who live outside of Cuba after 1970, must travel with a Cuban passport

To travel to Cuba you only need:

a- Passport in order, valid for at least 6 months counting from the date of entry into the country

b- Air ticket (round trip)

c- Tourist card or visa

d- RT-PCR results for SARS Cov-2

How can you acquire a tourist visa or card to travel to Cuba?

The tourist visa or card is given to foreigners who visit the country as tourists, on leisure or pleasure trips. This can be sold by tourist agencies or travel agencies, accredited by the Cuban Consulate. You can also purchase it at Cuban consulates and embassies in your country of origin. This covers a maximum of 30 days of stay in Cuban territory and admits to be extended before the immigration authorities in our country up to a maximum of 30 days.

The management must be done by you personally at the Immigration offices in Havana or in the city where you are. For the extension, you must pay approximately 625.00 CUP (Cuban pesos).

The price of the tourist visa or card is about 22.00 Euros or 25.00 USD and the Business Visa approximately 55.00 Euros or 55 USD, depending on the country where you acquire it. Business travelers (except journalists, conference participants or students) need a visa independently. To obtain this special type of visa, it is necessary to make a prior application at the commercial office of the Cuban Embassy; Once your application is approved, the visa will be arranged at the consulate.

Special visas

The Visa for Journalists is granted if you are a professional of a communication medium, be it television, radio or some flat publication and travel to our country in order to do journalistic work, take photographs, film, etc. In that case, you must acquire a D-6 type visa at the Cuban Consulate or Embassy in your country of origin and be duly accredited at the International Press Center of Havana. If you are not going to do any professional work, you can use a tourist card.

Visas for business, work, study or health

If you travel for work, business, health or studies, and your stay in our country is longer than two months, it is convenient that you obtain a Special Visa at the Cuban Consulate in your country of origin. In some cases, you can initially travel with a tourist card and, once in Cuba, the institution with which you must interact, can guide you and help you process a visa for a longer stay.

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