If you have doubts about how to carry out your gay wedding in Cuba, here we will address all your doubts.

In Cuba it is already possible to carry out marriage between people of the same sex. Therefore, if you are already convinced, well to get married, here we offer you a set of tips. Keep reading!

Tips for my gay wedding in Cuba

You have finally decided to take a big step! But the moment everything is in order, doubts always arise, which are usually directed mainly to: where to start? As with any wedding, there is a lot to plan, but one thing to keep in mind is that you have complete freedom to customize everything as much as possible and make your own rules.

Organization of gay weddings

We say that gay weddings are completely etiquette-free, just like regular civil weddings. Therefore, there is no such agreement, but rather an attempt is made to adapt some of the traditions and customs of same-sex couples and offer more innovation thanks to the creativity of the couple or, in many cases, the wedding planner.

Having a good wedding planner is a great advantage because these professionals take care of all the elements of our wedding and offer us recommendations so that everything runs smoothly. We invite you to visit this website, specialized in this type of ceremonies, click on the following link: Gay wedding in Cuba.

If you want to find various details, ideal for this day, from the photos of the ceremony, to the decoration of the tables, the bachelor party and much more.

Couple entrance

Gay weddings are always civil, which means that the couple is free to plan their day as they wish. Some gay couples prefer to dress as a couple for an earlier meeting, known as a first look, take a few photos to capture the moment, and then go to the ceremony together. Walking down the aisle together, although not the most common, is a special way, especially when your favorite song is playing in the background.

But there are also many who also follow the tradition of entering with the godmother or the godfather, that is, the father or the mother, or even both. As for the order of entry, it is also free, but some couples decide that the oldest spouse is the first.

Couple outfit

Freedom is the only prerequisite to take into account for organizing your wedding. It is important that your choice is perfect, but yes, always keep in mind the place, the time of year and of course the style of the wedding itself. Everything must make a coherent and meaningful set, so choose a groom suit or a wedding dress that you find beautiful, but also to your liking, so that you can enjoy the day from start to finish.

When it comes to the dress code for your guests, it is important that if you want something certain, you specify it in the wedding invitation. For example, if you are going to celebrate a wedding on the beach, you need to let your guests know beforehand so that they can choose something that makes them feel good.

Decoration for your Gay Wedding

We always say that if something changes a wedding, it’s the details. In that sense, you must take into account the decoration that can range from selected centerpieces to flower arrangements, altars or details for guests.

Everything has to mark the whole with its own style, so it is best to think from the beginning how you want your wedding, where you will celebrate it, what details you want to highlight, what colors will mark the decoration, etc.

We hope we have resolved your concerns and most importantly, that you have the wedding of your dreams and enjoy it from start to finish, being true to yourself and being with the most important person in your life.